My July favourites!


Hey there!

So I’ve been meaning to do this post for a good while now, it’s a bunch of beauty products, (make-up and l cleansers.) that I just really loved during the month if July.

Firstly, I’ve got the Ultra plush lip gloss set from benefit!
I really love all the colours in the little set, as they’re really natural and girly
This being said I did have to keep reapplying the lip glossea as they lost their shine and colour very quickly.

Thought they’re all gorgeous, my favourite of the lot would have to be lollibob. (It lasted the longest and let’s face it I’m a sucker for pink, esspecially hot pink.)

I’m sure you can find this in any benefit store really.


Second on my list of favorites, would have to be my stretch factor mascara,  that I found be accident in TK max in the ilac centre. I actually don’t know if it’s a popular brand or not because I’ve honestly never heard of it before. (Let me know in the comments if you know it? And if there’s others like it?) But if it isn’t it really should be it’s just amazing.

It lengthens my lashes perfectly, it doesn’t clump and the brush has two sides, a side with shorter bristles and one with longer bristles and when both are swiped through your lashes, it gives a really nice full lash, doll like look.


After that I’ve got a great rimmel foundation. Usually I’m more of a benefit style girl when it comes to foundation but I saw it and though maybe it’d be nice. You see living in Ireland means I’m stereotypically very, very pake. This makes finding a foundation really difficult, as the lightest foundation in a lot of make-up ranges tend to be far too dark for my skin.

Though I’m still hunting for that perfect light foundation this one wasn’t half bad, sure a times it seemed a slight bit too dark but compared to others I’d used before it was pretty good. The trouble with finding a paler, lighter foundation is that I certainly don’t want something white, I mean I’m trying to give my face some colour but some light foundations can come out quite dark on my skin and others are so light they end up looking yellow.. What a pale person to do?…

In all fairness though, this one did the job quite well and for only a tenner too!, but I won’t stop searching for that perfect colour though but I would definitely buy this one again!


On to face cleansers then, where would any of us be without a good cleanser?

I’ve alway had to be pretty careful when it came to what I put on my face as my skin is really really sensitive and using a product that isn’t hypoallergenic or for whatever reason just doesn’t agree with my skin can leave me with spots, rashes and dry itchy skin. So it’s safe to say I’ve gone through a good few face cleansers, moisturisers and toners trying to find the ones that are safe for use.

When I came across the Start fresh Garnier products in Super drug, I thought I might as well give them a try considering the ones I was using at the time weren’t working all to well.

On first try I honestly started noticing a difference, my skin looked way healthier and much clearer, so much so that I started wearing less foundation. It used to be a nessisary thing that I had to put on before going out but not anymore.

I’m a normal combinnation skin type but Garnier also do ranges for other skin types with I’m sure are just as good.

Each product cleanser, toner and moisteriser were all €3.45. Which is really cheap, esspecially considering the work they can do.


Lastly, I’ve got to show you this fantastic little pamper set. I actually got it as a giift so I’ve got no idea of the price or where it was bought but it’s called the pretty patisserie pamper set and it’s just gorgeous. The pretty patisserie brand though, I’m pretty sure is based around fruity scented bath and beauty products.

The set came in a super cute little café style carry case and included strawberry scented body butter that smelled as good as it worked, lemon scented shower cream that was divine, a mint mesh bath loofah, a strawberry bubble bath and a cherry body wash that smelled so good I wanted to get it.. Okay I wanted to eat them all, well apart from the loofah.

Anyway I loved this so much I don’t think I’ve ever smelled so amazungly fruity and yummy than ever before! It was glorious..


Well they’re my much loved, favourite products from July ♥

Dash x


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