Return of the lip gloss..


Hi all!

When it comes to the subject of make-up, I always get really excited, even more so when it has to do with new trends in make-up. Here’s a couple of things that stood out and I’ve been loving inparticular…

👀 Lovely lashes 👀

Though the natural look is always gorgeous and refreshing, I’ve always had a thing for lush long baby doll lashes and from what I’ve seen I’m not the only one feeling this way, (which is no surprise really) with cover girls on magazines like Xposé, models on Victoria Beckham’s Autumn/Winter catwalk and the Jenner sisters sporting long dark lashes for the coming season.

Great mascaras to achieve a long, dark, defined look for me would have to be:

1. My personal favorite…
“They’re real” by benefit.
It’s really dark, stays on all day, gives a defined, but still a sort of natural look.


2.”Great lash” by Maybelline.
Works really well, but don’t all Maybelline mascaras? ♥


Lots of liquid eyeliner…

Eyeliner, liquid in particular has played a huge part of many of the Autumn/Winter catwalks of 2015 and though at times was used in a less conventional way (as would be expected of catwalk designs, gotta love them for being so out there.)  then l, myself would be brave enough to wear. These was quite a lot of feline flicks and simple lines.

Agood bit of simple waterlines on its’s own was spotted too. (I always end up poking my eye when doing it.. But it’s well worth it..)

💋 The return of the lip gloss 💋

Now, I’ve never been one to pass up a good lip gloss and as a result I’ve got an outrageous amount just lying around in my make-up bag, so needless to say I’m always wearing it, but in the last while I’ve been noticing it more and more, on the lips of celebs, in magazines and on the models of quite a few big brand designers during their latest fashion shows.

Great colours that you can never go wrong with no matter the season would have to be nude, peach, light pink and a clear gloss.

I’ve currently use a lot of benefit products which have a really pretty shine to them but really don’t seem to last very long. I’ll let you guys know once I find a more reliable brand(I love benefit by the way!) or maybe you know some good ones I should have a look at? If so let me know in the comments?

3. Smokey eyes!

Who doesn’t love a gold smokey eye, though they’re not always the easiest to create, they give off a really fabulous look. These have taken centre stage around the eyes of many designers’ models this Autumn/Winters.

A great product for this, though it’s not in stores yet (Sadly) would be the smokey pallet by Urban Decay.


4. 💄 Lipsticks 💄

During Autumn/Winter there does tend to be one or two dark lips that play center stage for the colder seasons, this year being no different.

With the lip glosses leaning towards the lighter nudes, peaches and pinks the lipssticks seem to be going for the more defined colours, with fifty shades of red and deep dark purples dominating.

So weither your into a cute natural lip or something more dramatic, you’re covered.



What make-up trends do you love/hate? What are your thoughts on make-up for this Autumn/Winter? Let me know down in the comments.

Dash x


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