Dash, do’s and don’ts for statement pieces

Everybody loves a bit of glitz and sparkle, (I’m like a magpie..) esspecially when it’s coming into the colder months of the year. This is why so many people seem to go for a big, bold statement piece to inject that bit of sparkle into ur winter wardrope ,also they can turn a pplain or simple outfit into some way more interesting and eye catching. So I’m here to tell you my do’s and don’ts, when it comes to wearing statement pieces…

1.Do keep it simple.( Less is always, always more!)
If you’re thinking of wearing a big bold flashy statement piece then it looks better not to go over board with too much, esspecially not other bits of jewellery. Though everybody loves a bit of bling, you really don’t want to end up looking like one of those mannequin necks that hold all your necklaces.

2. Do, be wary of the neckline of the dress, shirt, jumper, etc…

When wearing say, a really eye catching dress say something covered head to toe in sparkle-y sequins always keep well aware of the neckline, draping a bit of in your face jewellery over an already in your face dress can look really over done and make you look too sparkle-y (yes there’s such thing.) But if the neckline is more low cut or a sort of sweetheart type then a chunky necklace can look quite good sitting just above your chest.

Simple high necked stuff like t-shirts and t-shirt style dresses, can look really well with a statement piece, even more so with the T-shirt, taking it from drab to fab and day to night in minutes.

3. Don’t layer..
Layering may seem really cute with a bunch of skinny necklaces and a choker or two but when it comes to statement pieces, one usually enough.

5. do, wear cute shirts…
Opened in a v neckline or buttoned all the way up, shirts can be made look ten times better or just a little more interesting by adding a dash of statement jewellery.

Changing a shirt that might seem like it came straight out of your office work days wardrobe into something really cute and slightly preppy. Teaming this with a little jumper or cardigan can make it even cuter and keep you toastier during the approaching colder seasons. (Taking you straight from Summer to Autumn/Winter with the click of a finger.)

6. Do, play down you earrings

When wearing earrings and a big statement necklace, let the necklace be just that, a statement, play down the earrings maybe by wearing studs or just something sort of simple, you’ll take away from the gorgeous jewellery if your whole upper half us all cluttered with bling.


That was my do’s and don’ts, to statement necklaces.

Dash x



  1. Arielle · August 4, 2015

    Love your tips! I have been loving statement necklaces lately, they add such a great pop of colour to any outfit ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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