All about the bags?

During the Spring and summer season, big bright colours and sweet pastels were all the rage. Now, being tha bag fanatic that I am, I made it my mission, while watching through the Autumn/Winter fashion shows to find out what’s what for bags this coming season.

Here’s my guide to being right on trend when it comes to bags this coming Autumn/Winter…

1. Colours:

Remember those cute Spring/Summer pasels every seemed to adore? Yeah, well it looks like the designers must have adored them just as much as they’re sticking around for a little while longer.(I honestly love pastels so much.) Loads and loads of Black can be seen floating around the catwalks aswell, but I suppose that’s to be expected for Winter right? There’s also lots of tans and deep browns, reds and woody colours. Whites, bits of gold, dusty pinks, warm pinks, sweet purples, eye catching bright reds and even some bright yellows (Which to me was really unexpected, but really pretty all the same.) were also scattered around the Autumn/Winter fashion shows.


Collage 2015-08-01 21_06_35

2. Fabulous Fringing: (Fringing is everywhere)

There seems to be a bit of a nod to the seveties with all the fringing going on, which all looks to be really cute, personally I’ve never been too much of a fringing fan when it comse to bags but some of the pieces were actually really nice. Bags full of camel suede and braided rope straps are really on trend.


Collage 2015-08-01 22_50_16

3. Hold on to your backpacks! (I have an addcition to these…)

I got really excited when I saw all these! Backpacks are everywhere, though there again I don’t think they’ve really gone out of style for a while. they’re really cute and handy. (They also make me feel like a turtle?.. in a good way) Don’t worry if you think you’re too old for them though! Some designers have actually brought backpack style hand bags, ones you can hold with a handle.This means you’ve got the awesome style of a backpack, with the grown-up-ness of a handbag. The back packs by Anya Hindmarch had o be my favourite over all though, if you’re into unusual styled bags, then her construction worker themed stuff could be right up your street, esspecially the backpack she designed. (Which is wearable on your back.) Backpacks are always a nice winter asccesorie to have and those of you going back to school or college or maybe even work can be right on trend with all the stylish patterned backpacks that Anya, Moschino and Philipp Plein have surely inspired.

Collage 2015-08-01 23_01_28

4. Fluffy and fury…

What better way to celebrate the coming of winter than with some fluffy and fury handbags and backpacks? These fury bags look really comfy, cozy and stylish. From small handled bags to crossies and backpacks these bags can jazz up some jeans and a t-shirt and can add a nice finishing touch to an outfit layed with jumpers and winter woolies.


Collage 2015-08-01 20_53_15


When it comes to crossie bags, I’m one of those people that nearly always ends up strangling myself with the strap while trying to take it off or I just can’t wear them because being as short as I am (five foot..) these bags end up reaching my knees or wores my lower legs! Sometimes I get lucky and they’ll have a buckle that changes the lenght of the strap but sadly not always, so it seems I myself will have to skip out on this trend, you see that’s what I thought.. But after looking at all the fabulous crossie bags coming off catwalks and the ones poping up the shops I might just end up buying one after all…

6. Animal PURRRRint (See the pun?)

From the likes of Prada and Miu Miu, and also coming into river Island stores, I’ve seen my fair share of faux animal print that is to come. Now if you’re one of those people who immedately goes and cringes at the thought of animal print or has nightmares about leopard print, I want you to hold on, freeze for a minute. Now I’ve seen my fair share of animal print disasters and overly cheap looking leopard print dresses, so I know how you must feel about the whole thing, but alot of the time it can be really nice to wear in small doeses or just in moderation. You see, some people just get turned off the idea of it because of all the awful cheap looking prints, esspecially that really really yellow-y looking, awful feeling leopard print.. Ew, but when it comes to bags a little bit of animal print can look really good. What’s been seen on the catwalks is mainly all sorts of snake skins, which never fear are really wearable, because they come in all sort of colour combintions. From the cool and collected black and greyish white to the really out there pinks purples and greens. These bags can add either a well put together feel to your outfit or a really pretty pop of colour.


Collage 2015-08-01 22_20_23

7. Boxies!!!

As seen in the Autumn/Winter collections of Alexander McQueen, Anya Hindmarch and Dolce & Gabbana, to name but a few, boxy style bags are all in for the coming season. (It seems being a complete square isn’t such a bad thing after all…) These make-up bag-box style handbags come in all shapes, sizes and colours, from the Olympia Le Tan burgundy fairy tale memory box-bag to the bright colours of D&G. Yes, this is one style to defiently get you hands on!


Collage 2015-08-01 22_19_29

9. Chains…

Chains have been used in bag straps for a very long time and when entwined with leather are an iconic part of many Chanel bags. But it could be seen on more than just Chanel this season and in more ways than one. From bold colours, chunkier chains that stray from the delicate ones of Chanel and intertwined ones with coloured plastic or chains, it’s easy to see that this can become a very bold statement.


Collage 2015-08-01 23_12_25

10. Perfect patches, brilliant badges and out there designs…

Now,I’m not so sure these ones will be everybodies cup of tea, but I have to say I really love them and all their uniqueness. From adding tasils and patches, buttons, badges, even going as far as to stick a framed painting on the side of a bag or just being plain randon and making something as everday as a combinnation lock or a spray paint can into a bag (Thanks for that moschino) these desginers have clearly got some really active imaginations. My favourites being Moschino’s graffiti style boom box and Anya Hindmarch’s construction worker sign bag. A lot of these styles really give you a touch of creativiness and a want to jazz up some of your own bags with cute badges and buttons.

Even though they mighn’t be what you’re nessisarily looking for in a bag, I thought they still deserved a place in the guide.


Collage 2015-08-01 22_32_34

The catwalks were also so full of wintery magic with all the glitz and sparkles and lots of fun with the really tiny bags on show, (sorry giant handbags, but it seems we’re all about things that come in small packages for the moment..) some of the designs such as the backpacks and gym style bags really left a lasting impression on me and were really cool.

All the bags out this coming Autumn/Winter are really awesome, from the tiny hand bags, the fury, fluffy ones, the cute backpacks and the surprising rainbow of colours to choose from, we really are spoilt for choice this coming season.


Dash x


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