Let’s talk about colour…

With the cold weather just beginning to set in, it’s starting to feel more than a little but like autumn over here in Ireland and it’s not just the leaves on the trees that are changing up their colours. Autumn/Winter colours are slowly but surely stocking up the shop’s shelves, with a lot of the clothes from jumpers to dresses taking inspiration from the catwalks.

The catwalks this year though were a bit of a surprise to a lot of us, it wasn’t just the usual dark colours on show (which are always lovely.), but it seems that not even the top designers are in the mood to give up the summer fun just yet. With an assortment of pastels, hues of orange, pink and fire truck reds adding to the dark blues, purples, burgundies, blacks and khaki style greens it seems that this seasons going to be full of breaking the usual dark autumn/winter mould.

Even if you’re not too into dressing drastically different or breaking the mould per say, I believe you can’t still really get in on some of this colourful action without nessisarily diving head first into the whole thing. Adding little colourful bags, hats, scraves, mittens or even some cute statement jewllery, maybe even just a bright pair of shoes to your outfit and you can bring a little bit more light into these dark autumn evenings.


Dash x


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