Hey guys! Okay, so yesterday I was with my friend, (woo go me being social for once.) and she was telling me about how her mom has banned her from buying anymore shoes, now this girl is crazy for her shoes, as am I (we’re a pair of shoe-aholics, from pumps to wedges, elegant little ballet flats and even brogues) and I know that the next time we go shopping she’ll probably end up buying some sort of shoes either way. So we got together and decided to make up a list of reasons, to explain why it is completely reasonable to own piles upon piles of shoes, to show her Mom in the hopes that she’ll reverse the ban…

1. There are so many different types of shoes for so many different types of occasions from partying to shopping to going on a run, that by the time you’ve got atleast one pair for each occasion, it’s only normal that you’d have a good few pair of shoes, and at that you can’t just have one pair of shoes for each occasion because obviously not every party dress is going to coordinate with your party shoes. So once you’ve got shoes that go with all your outfits then it’ll rack up to alot of pairs.

2. Impulse buys…
I highly doubt I’m the only one who does this, you know when you’re in a bad mood or something just hasn’t gone the way you thought it would, yeah? Well when that happends to me I go shopping..  Mainly shoe shopping, I like to shop my worries away, I mean how can you possibly feel bad when your feet look fabulous? (who said money can’t buy happiness, it works for me!)

3. Failed hobbies..
You know that dance class you did for ages and gave up? Or the football boots that lie in the back of the wardrobe because at thirteen you decided that hanging out with your friends was way “cooler” then going to practice? I do. I kid you not when I say I’ve got about five pairs of dancing shows knocking about in my room somewhere, that I never bother to throw out because the magically fit. (Yeah, I’ve got tiny feet..)

4. Sure you can just leave your stuff in my room… Go ahead..

In my room, I know for sure that not all the shoes there are mine. Under my bed, I swear there are about six pairs of shoes that belong to other people, friends, cousins, my sister and even my Mom. I don’t even know how they got there…

5. Gift giving..?
Luckily my relatives are all pretty good m when it comes to fashion, more or less so I don’t really have this problem. But I’ve heard loads of people talking about how they  sometimes get really out there gifts, in the form if clothes, shoes and accessories that they really wouldn’t wear in a million years, but they can’t throw them out because they’re a gift and that’d he really mean. So they keep them, this only adds to the mass of shoes hanging about in your room.

See this shows just how reasonable it is to look like a shoes horder.

So maybe this won’t really change her Mom’s mind but atleast it makea sense, riiiiight?

Let me know down in the comments if you’ve got any fashion addiction or if you can relate to any of this!

Dash x


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