My love affair with denim jackets.

Today my Mom proved once again just how amazing she is! My birthday isn’t until September, but my mam decided to get me an “early birthday” gift of a denim jacket. (Becauseeeeee she’s super fantastic.)

It’s safe to say I was and pretty much still am exstatic.
Denim jacket are just so easy to wear, no matter if you’re putting it on over a camisole in the summer time or layering it up with chunky knit wear in the cooler winter months.

The one I got today is a more fitted, dark denim, that is just so cute. It’s also from bershka one of my all time favourite places to shop (considering most of my wardrope comes from there, no joke….)

There are loads of different styles of denim jackets from the light blue or white wash denims you can see floating around Pennys (also known as Primark.)around now. To the ripped style, sleeveless jackets, I saw on my last shopping trip to Bershka.

These little guys can even used to jazz up a huddy or some winter woolies. They can just be thrown over anything and you’ll be super comfy and very fabulous.

So it’s needless to say I’m over the moon with the new addition to my wardrope and no matter what a denim jacket is always something you should have knocking about because they’re always gorgeous looking, no matter what’s in style.



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