shameful shoe shopping…

Okay, so today I went shoe shopping! And not just ‘oh my God I want shoes’ shoe shopping but actual shoe shopping with a plausible reason behind it!

I’m going to a wedding at the start of next week and went shoe hunting today in the hopes of coming home having my outfit more or less finished and not have to stress about what I’m wearing when the big day comes round, that was until I saw these babies…


I took one look at these converse style, wedges and knew instantly I needed them in my life. I got that little excited feeling where you feel like doing that high-school musical jump, you know the one where you freeze in mid air? Yeah that one…

Now after the initial shock of falling in love simmered down a bit I realised I’d have to make a big decision these gorgeous shoes, that were on sale and the last in my size or get shoes for the wedding, which I’ll admit wasn’t going very well… (Is it just me or do you always see really pretty shoes and clothes when you don’t have any need to buy them but when you need it, it’s nowhere to be seen. Moral of the story?  Always buy things you don’t need, because you will need them.)

So You can probably guess what I did, I bought the beauties and now I may have to go to a wedding bare foot?.. Yeah I can’t see that working out.

(You can find shoes like these in cans, a gorgeous shoe shop in the ilac shopping center, in town in Dublin, Ireland. I want to buy all of there shoes! The shop is just amazing.)

(There navy by the way!)


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