Outgoing off the shoulders…

This summer it’s all about showing off your shoulders!

Off the shoulder tops are coming back in force for summer, giving off a very boho chic, festival vibe. Which unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks is pretty much everywhere this summer from the celebs to the catwalks.

Off the shoulders are easy to pull off no matter if your broader or petit and can bring you from a festival to a dinner party, so there pretty versatile.

These gorgeous off the shoulders come in all shapes, sizes and designs, from lace embellishment to fringing and aztec prints with bellowing floaty long-sleeves or tight cuffed short-sleeves and ruffled necklines. I personally love the tops that are cropped and tight around the belly but never fear you can also find lose-fitting long-off the shoulder tops for those of you that don’t feel up to showing your tummy.

These style tops are just perfect for wearing on a hot day at the beach with long ankle skirts, with shorts at a music festival or skinny high waisted jeans, because it’s Ireland and let’s face it our weather is dreadful at the best of times, even in the summer months. Pair any of these looks with strappy sandals and if your feeling like you want to just go full on and release your inner boho spirit, why not try accessorizing with feathers,layering necklaces, bracelets or rings or maybe even a headband.



Now, if all those fabulous shoulder-less tops weren’t enough for you fashion gurus then here’s some summer-time, beach-y dresses that carry on the shoulder-less trend.

These dresses are nearly just as versatile as our shoulder-less wonders from above. They can be fun and summer-y but still retain that sophisticated or more formal look you might be going for as the evening draws in.

The dresses are very much so in keeping with the boho chic style that seems to be taking over at the moment, carrying on with the bits of lace and rough an ready style of the dresses with their loose fitting ruffled tops over body fitting, figure hugging material.

I always love to go for a more relaxed look during the summer so pairing these cute dresses with a pair of strappy sandals , you can pretty much just accessorize the same as you would the tops above or if your not mad into the whole boho thing, then maybe just pairing it with a simle floppy wide brimmed hat, or one simple piece of jewllery if your not one to layer.

Either way if your going for a simple look or a more rough and ready boho style then these dresses are right up your street.


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  1. Mimi14Senpai · May 27, 2016

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    I LOVE tops & dresses without fabric on the shoulders! It’s just so pretty & I LOVE it!! ❤ 🙂 😉
    (Reblogged from Dash of Fashion Girl's blog)

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