👡 Snazy sandals 👡

So, it’s just starting to feel like summer and every year no matter what that means one thing.

* Drum roll *

Many..many..many.. pairs of sandals.

Strappy sandals, bejeweled sandals, colourful and striking or gold and elegant.

Sandals are a must for summer. They are a staple item, that can bring you from a stroll along the beach to a night out with the girls.

When it comes to them, you can never go wrong with colourful beads or aztec prints, even if your not trying to make a bold fashion statement with your outfit, but just want to add a pop of colour to brighten it up a bit.

This season I’m head over heels in love with the boho chic, festival, aztec print style, which is really rough and ready, but looks gorgeous all the same.

Remember: you can never go wrong with a bit of embellishment and never be afraid of colour! Especially during the spring/summer season. Just have fun with your shoes and be creative, shoes can really make an outfit.


*On a side note đź“ť I’ll be adventuring out on a little summer shopping trip! So I’ll be sure to take tons of fabulous pictures.

* excited squeal * I can’t wait!



  1. Carol · May 12, 2015

    I love sandals! You’ve chosen to post some lovely ones too

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maria z #dirtychicdiary# · May 12, 2015

    So lovely samdals..i want them all


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